Ringling Classmates both accepted into Film Festival program

The Sarasota Film Festival is a time to welcome established names of the film industry, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet relative newcomers to the field of filmmaking, and Sarasota has plenty of young talent showcased in this year’s festival, including these Ringling College film students, Andrew Halley and Jeffrey Boos.

Jeffrey Boos (right), creator of the short film Woodland Dance, is featured this year among 140 other short films. “It’s about a father connecting with his daughter after a divorce,” said Boos, a senior at Ringling. He added that he drew on his personal experience with divorced parents to develop the storyline. Boos, whose documentary 315 Pounds was included in the 2013 Festival lineup, started making his own films at age 8. “I liked to come up with and put stories on film,” he said, and that interest continues as he works on his thesis film.

Woodland Dance is produced by fellow Ringling senior Andrew Halley (senior), whose own short film The Great Zombini will also be featured at the Festival. Halley was also responsible for editing Boos’ thesis film and Boos served as producer for Halley’s piece. Of the teamwork, Halley noted that the small classes at Ringling make it easy to collaborate and share ideas. And while the Sarasota Film Festival is a great opportunity to make their names known, neither Boos nor Halley feel constrained to mimic their Festival films in future projects. “My thesis is much, much different. It’s action adventure,” Boos said, laughing and waving his hands. “I like to work on many different genres.”

Halley is interested in pursuing editing as a career. “Especially in television,” he adds. “I would love to work in television.”

Wherever these two students end up, it is clear that Sarasota is represented by individuals with great talent, passion, and vision to offer not only the Festival, but the industry itself.

Both The Great Zombini and Woodland Dance are included in the Shorts 9: SRQ program and will screen Tuesday, April 8, at 9:30pm and Friday, April 11, at 2pm.

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