The Enduring Beauty of Memory: Who are We Without Our Memory?

Judge Durand Adams found inspiration for his latest joint project after receiving a troubling phone call from his mother. She phoned him in a panic stating she was “lost,” assuming she meant directionally, Adams asked his mother to describe her surroundings. Then, in great detail, she described her own home kitchen to Adams. It was this confusing call, along with the months to follow during which Adams experienced his mother’s memory loss that lead to the subject for the documentary, “The Enduring Beauty of Memory,” which premieres this Friday, March 14, at the Manatee Performing Arts Center.

If you are familiar with “Through The Tunnel,” a locally produced documentary about the closing of Lincoln Memorial High School and the first year of racial integration in Manatee County in 1969. Directed and produced by Judge Charles E. Williams, Judge Durand Adams and Charles Clapsaddle, the film focused on the integrated football team and the inspiring events that followed the integration. Well, the three filmmakers teamed up again for their second documentary.

This time around, the trio wanted to tackle a subject as personal as was the focus of their last SFF entry. Adams along with Williams and Clapsaddle wanted to pose the question, “What is memory?” In the hunt for answers, the film features prominent figures from Manatee County in this wholly local documentary. This film contrasts both personal accounts of the delicate nature of memory as well as a scientific take on memory from Dr. Michael Mullen from the renowned Roskamp Institute.  These varying perspectives create a complex study of the human mind. The premiere will be held in Brandenton in order to honor all the local contributors of the film, but will also be screened in conjunction with Sarasota Film Festival in April. “What better way to pay tribute to those who helped and took part in this film?” says Charlie Ann Syprett, SFF’s Development Director, when explaining the special, March premiere. It was important for the filmmakers to debut this documentary in Brandenton.

Be sure to catch this provoking piece that dares to ask who we become once our memory begins to slip away.

Check out the trailer below:



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