ManaSota Films Producing First Project, Looking For More

ManaSota Films is looking to jumpstart the local film community and is now actively searching for quality pitches from regional artists to put into production.

Begun in November 2012 by local actor and filmmaker Mark Troy, ManaSota Films has grown from a screening at Evie’s Tavern with 18 local enthusiasts and artists into a full-fledged Sarasota production company with their first short, “Caster’s Blog: A Geek Love Story,” already underway.

“Just a few years ago, if you were an actor in Sarasota, you spent a lot of your time going to Tampa and working,” said Troy.

Joined by “serial entrepreneur” Heath Jordan of Approach Signal Productions, Troy sought to rectify that problem by spearheading his own productions and enlisting veterans and amateurs alike, united by a desire to create their own films on their own terms. The new initiative, The ManaSota Films Project, launched three months ago and is designed to capitalize on the growing pool of talent and technical resources that have gathered around the ManaSota Films screenings, which now boast more than 500 followers in the community.

“Why not?” said Troy. “There are people doing this sort of thing in Tampa, but no one’s doing it here. So I decided – why not?”

With the personnel and technology already accounted for, the remaining hurdle was quality content. So Troy and Jordan created a website to accept community pitches and hoped for the best.

“Let’s put it out there, we said,” added Jordan. “And we got nearly 50 submissions right away.”

Though the project already has one production currently, they are always looking for more. All genres and all projects are considered, whether it be sci-fi or historical drama, a feature-length film or a music video – if it’s filmable and it’s quality, ManaSota Films wants to hear about it.

Pitches are accepted year-round. Submit at this link.

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