Digital Videos Promote Book Publishing

Trailers for movies these days get watched by millions online, but could trailers for books create the same excitement? J.C. Gold aims to find out with a new enterprise that will cast characters and shoot scenes from books to create video trailers for online marketing campaigns.Gold, who this weekend was shooting film for a marketing campaign for The Peppertree Press in Sarasota, founded the company Visual Velocity to create marketing videos. “There’s a niche market for book trailers,” he said.

His approach will typically be to learn three major points within a book, then cast characters just as if he were filming a screen adaptation. “Of course, you have to do it in such a way that it’s economical for the authors,” he said.

Gold is also focused right now on finishing up his digital filmmaking degree at Ringling College of Art and Design. The piece he is shooting for Peppertree this weekend, which will be cut into a series of story-telling web videos promoting the publishing boutique, will serve as his thesis film project.

“We are honored and very excited that John chose us for his thesis project and commend him for using his thesis project to help someone else,” said Julie Ann Howell, Peppertree Press founder and publisher. “We work with authors and distribute books worldwide, so his expertise will help authors who need our service to find us.”

The videos Gold is working on will be embedded with metadata to help authors find Peppertree’s publishing services. The series will feature both Howell and editorial director Teri Lynn Franco, and Gold said the project was appealing because it would showcase women in business. He also hopes the film helps keep the publishing business relevant. “The whole point is to use technology to make sure of commercial success for my customers,” he said. “I want to keep clients cutting edge and beating out competitors.”


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