‘Infinite Possibilities’ Theme for 2014

Sarasota Film Festival released its new branding campaign for 2014 today, relaunching the organization website and new theme, “One Festival, Infinite Possibilities.”

Once again, the film festival turned to artist Vince Fraser, a London designer who has also worked with Coca-Cola and British Airways. But locally, Fraser may be best known for developing a series of SFF campaigns built around a female face. The new photo and social driven site was created by Sande Caplin and Associates.

But at SRQ, we’re especially excited by the inclusion of a YouTube channel this year focused on spreading the SFF message. Why so pumped? A certain board member who may or may not also be our publisher recorded one of the first messages being streamed out, and we like that he realizes the real magic at the festival every year happens in our  Avenue of the Stars portable studio. Watch Wes Roberts explain: 

One thought on “‘Infinite Possibilities’ Theme for 2014”

  1. The “branding” and look of the stunning posters et al, makes for an overall work of art — just like the film festival itself is, of course!

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