A Song Still Inside: Interview with director Greg Collins and star Rodrigo Lopresti

Left to Right: Writer/Director Gregory Collins, Executive Producer Patricia Beaury, Lead Actor Rodrigo Lopresti, and Lead Actress Susan Highsmith.

I’m just going to unapologetically declare that A Song Still Inside was probably the best movie at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival. I know, a heavy drama about the challenges of juggling a job and a baby isn’t going to appeal as well to anyone who hasn’t ever had to shut an infant up while they tried to take a work call, but for those of us who have done so, this movie touched somewhere deep.

Of course, we offered the movie plenty of press before its world premiere here, and there is more in the June issue of SRQ (on newsstands today), but we also wanted to share with you  another interview we did with director Gregory Collins and lead actor Rodrigo Lopresti. This was one of numerous interviews we conducted with WSRQ, so some of you Sarasota radio listeners may have heard this before. But for the rest of the world, here is a recording of our interview.

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