Review of “Burma”

“Burma” is a laurelly perplexing picture necessitating situational, as well as artistic, consideration in review. The project arrived at the Sarasota festival abuzz, fresh off its narrative adornment at SXSW and riding the breaking story of lead, Christopher Abbott’s departure from “Girls”- the success of which emphasized his work preceding the film. The accolade-driven notoriety induced both elevated interest and scrutiny.

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Pasadena: Extended Interview with Bogdanovich, Hines and Slocombe

One of the most exciting interviews we enjoyed at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival was our exclusive sitdown with legendary actor/director Peter Bogdanovich, comedienne extraordinaire Charyl Hines and young director Will Slocombe, in town for the world premiere of the heavily-buzzed-about Pasadena. You can pick up highlights from the interview in the June issue of SRQ magazine. Here, we have an extended transcript of our meeting where we talk about everything from the cinematic quality of modern television to the need for greater gun control regulations! Trust us, there is plenty of good stuff that we couldn’t fit in the magazine. Continue reading Pasadena: Extended Interview with Bogdanovich, Hines and Slocombe

Frances Ha Shows Off Sumner Chops

The coming-of-age story has long been a Hollywood obsession, and tales of the risk-ridden career path of professional artists has been a understandable and persistent fascination for filmmakers as well. And yet, as Frances Ha played to a Closing Night crowd at the Sarasota Opera House this year, it felt as if something completely fresh and new was being projected on the screen.

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A Song Still Inside: Interview with director Greg Collins and star Rodrigo Lopresti

Left to Right: Writer/Director Gregory Collins, Executive Producer Patricia Beaury, Lead Actor Rodrigo Lopresti, and Lead Actress Susan Highsmith.

I’m just going to unapologetically declare that A Song Still Inside was probably the best movie at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival. I know, a heavy drama about the challenges of juggling a job and a baby isn’t going to appeal as well to anyone who hasn’t ever had to shut an infant up while they tried to take a work call, but for those of us who have done so, this movie touched somewhere deep.

Of course, we offered the movie plenty of press before its world premiere here, and there is more in the June issue of SRQ (on newsstands today), but we also wanted to share with you  another interview we did with director Gregory Collins and lead actor Rodrigo Lopresti. This was one of numerous interviews we conducted with WSRQ, so some of you Sarasota radio listeners may have heard this before. But for the rest of the world, here is a recording of our interview.

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