The Opportunity Office: Interview with director and star Chelsea O’Connor

'The Opportunity Office' writer/director/actress Chelsea O’Connor
‘The Opportunity Office’ writer/director/actress Chelsea O’Connor

When Chelsea O’Connor created the four-minute film The Opportunity Office, she didn’t expect it to even make it into festivals. She just hoped it could serve as a calling card as a filmmaker to show she could direct a movie, however short. “This was something we just wanted to create and see if we could do this with my camera team,” she said. “I was happy we could just finish it and feel good about it.”

The film made its world premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival on Thursday, April 11, during the Shorts 2: Narrative 2 program. Not a poor feat for a first-time director, but not entirely surprising for a filmmaker whose last comedy short became an internet sensation on the website Funny or Die.

O’Connor has been an actress for 13 years but only released started getting involved on the opposite side of the camera. But her comic efforts have caused a stir online. She was the writer, producer and lead actress in The Waitress Rapa short music video about her day job which racked up close to 20,000 hits on Funny Or Die. 

At the time that film was made, she still wasn’t ready to try directing, but decided to take full control of The Opportunity Office, another work-place based short where O’Connor plays lead role of the Girl with the Headband.

The efforts have all stemmed from O’Connor’s work with the Groundlings. Her next step is to raise funding on Kickstarter for a 15-minute film entitled Confidence is Overrated. 

And listen to our fill interview, recorded with our partners at WSRQ, by clicking the link below.

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