Hines, Bognanovich Discuss Pasadena


When audiences today watch the world premiere of Pasadena, they can expect a large serving of awkward and angry family stress. “There is just a lot of tension between the characters,” said actor Peter Bogdanovich, “which is true of dysfunctional families that don’t deal with anything. It just simmers underneath the surface.”

During an exclusive interview with SRQ, actors Peter Bogdanovich and Cheryl Hines, along with director and screenwriter Will Slocombe, discussed the film, which makes it debut today at the Sarasota Film Festival.The film, set around the happenings of a difficult holiday dinner, is filled with characters based faithfully on members of Slocombe’s own family, though the director acknowledges the condensed series of events which happen over three days in the film has never occurred at his family gatherings. But he expects anybody has had to to sit at the table with loved ones who have frictions.

“I’m sure we’ve all been there,” Slocombe said. “There are things we don’t talk about so we just pass the gravy.”

The film follows characters in the Turner family, including the patriarch Poppy, played by Bogdanovich, and his much younger wife Deborah, played by Hines. Thorughout the film, family secrets get spilled out in ways that disrupt dinner.

“It definitely makes everything feel loaded,” Hines said. “There is a lot going on inside and you are trying not to let escape because it will be Pandora’s box. if the lid comes off, there is trouble, so you just try to keep the lid on.”

Pasadena will hold its world premiere today, April 12, at 3:30pm at the Regal Hollywood 20 in Sarasota. A red carpet will precede the event. This is the only showing of the film, part of the Spotlight Series at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival.


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