Gun: Interview with actor Chris Lazzaro

Just because a film is about guns, does that mean there is a message on public policy hidden inside? It’s a question actor Chris Lazzaro has heard a lot since screening the short film Gun at the Sarasota Film Festival. “A common question over the last couple days has been ‘What is the directors stance on gun control?’ That has been a big issue,” Lazzaro said. “The answer is actually that the director has no stance on gun control. It’s coincidental film came out at such a timely moment in America.”

According to Lazzaro, director Spencer Gillis didn’t make the film with a policy position in mind, but did want to explore how firearms affect the human psyche. The short is about a man who buys a gun after his home is broken into while the family is at home. The weapon seems to change him from a mild-mannered father with no experience firing a gun to a man who is confrontational, and an awfully good shot.

“His (Gillis’) message is the power that the gun brings to a human mind,” Lazzaro said, “and if you had a gun, how would you feel? How much power would you feel?”

Hear our whole interview, conducted in partnership with WSRQ, by hearing the audio file below.


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