The Oxbow Cure: Interview with the filmmakers

It;s one thing to die. It’s another to know your body is going out slowly and there is nothing to do about it. The Oxbow Cure, one of the films in the Independent Visions competition at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival, tells the story of a young woman who retreats to live in the woods when she slowly suffers from a condition that makes her spine fuse together over time.

“We were really interested in the theme of inevitability, where before you can even accept something, it’s happening to you,” said writer Lev Lewis.

The team behind Oxbow held the world premiere of their film in Sarasota today, but will show the film again on Sunday, April 14, at 4:30pm. Hear our full interview, including details of a difficult shoot in Canada where the surroundings quickly turned from four feet of snow to a heat wave warm enough epople could swim in the lake.

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