Clown College Short Opening the Screening of World Circus

A fitting segue for Sarasota’s festival, Character Face- A Clown College Fantasy is a nine-minute short opening for the documentary World Circus. The film follows local clown, Nancy Osborn Berman as a Sarasota businesswoman revisiting the decrepit Venice Arena where the magic of her Clown College days are brought back to life.

Clown College started in the 60s as a means for Ringling Bros. to replenish their resource of clowns that were unable to fill out all the circus’s showings on the road. The arena in Venice is currently in severe disrepair, and Berman expresses that she hopes the short can show the validity of the arena and incite love for clowns and the circus.

“The city wants to tear down such a historical presence there, and it just holds my heartstrings. It’s where I met my husband. My life started in Venice, at the Venice arena, at Clown College.”

The film features fellow local clowns Chuck Sidlow and Mitch Freddes and opens with Berman applying her character’s make up, a segment similar to that presented at our Tibbal’s Learning Center.

World Circus screens tomorrow at 6:15 and Sunday at 8:30

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