First Death Metal Angola, Now Dune Train

'Death Metal Angola' director Jeremy Xido
‘Death Metal Angola’ director Jeremy Xido

Jeremy Xido, director of Death Metal Angola, said Sarasota so far has embraced his film and his message on the poet of music. Last night, he found tremendous reception at Growler’s Pub, where a party was hosted celebrating music, the movie and the Sarasota Film Festival. “It was the festival hangout of the night,” he said.

It was just one of the exciting things the director has encountered since arriving in Sarasota. His first night here, he witnessed an explosion. No really, an explosion.

Xido, who is staying at a bed and breakfast in North Sarasota, heard a boom two nights ago and watched flames flow from a building in town. He was soon on the phone with 911. “It was the most bizarre thing to watch,” he recalls. Even stranger was when a homeless guy approached him and said the situation was so crazy that Xido ought to take control.

Of course, firefighters got the real blaze under control, but the party at Growler’s more of a fun affair.

Xido was especially impressed by Dune Train, a local band brought in the the Sarasota Music Scene to perform. He has found musical opportunities everywhere this year, and said watching SFF Director Tom Hall rap an Eminem song at Shamrock’s earlier this week ranks high in festival experiences.

And that’s from a guy who discovered a death metal band in Angola.

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