A Song Still Inside: Interview with lead actress Susan Highsmith

When the film A Song Still Inside made its world premiere Wednesday night, it also marked the first time lead actress Susan Highsmith saw the final cut of the film as well. Today, she is dealing with feedback from people who find sympathy or frustration in the actions of both her character, working actress Maggie, and the male lead, working-less-often actor Mike.

“I know a lot of people empathize with Mike,” she said. “Some people have really strong feelings about it. But a lot of people feel sorry for Maggie, too. And a lot of people feel sorry for both. From a character’s point of view, being a woman, I think it is just so hard todo it all.”

Highsmith said audience reception so far in Sarasota has been strong. She expects the film to continue doing well on the festival circuit.

While the film deals with actors, she says anybody who has ever been in a relationship will find something that touches them when they watch the movie. But because of her career, she found it easy to show the frustration of someone who is finding success in the field but getting few accolades for it at home. “Sometimes in this career, it is hard for people to be supportive of others when they have the success you want,” she said.

In the film, Maggie ends up being the almost exclusive breadwinner for the household. She eventually gets a break on a major feature product, but before then, the bulk of her money comes from less prestigous work—most prominently a series of fetish videos. “You feel like saying, I’m not happy with this situation either,” Highsmith says.

A Song Still Inside held its world premiere Wednesday, April 10, and screens again Friday, April 12, at 2:30pm at the Regal Hollywood 20.

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