Joyful Girl Depicts Harsh Familiarities of a Fading Relationship

Chloe Domont’s Joyful Girl is an eight-minute short about a young woman struggling to free herself from the ups and downs of a cyclical relationship. “I’m very interested in how awful people can treat one another when they are in a relationship they don’t want to be in,” Domont says. “When one person has decided they don’t want to be in the relation and cant bring themselves to get out of it, they make themselves unattractive and hateful to incite the other person to dump them.” The short depicts the arch of a female character making this decision and the subconsciously vicious moments that consequently ensue.

Domont hopes in presenting her film that it’s characterized of moments people can relate to, laugh at and understand. It was shot as raw and honest as possible but with beats of comedy. Though the story ends on a somber note, she tried to sprinkle as much humor as possible for relief; otherwise, it’s an exposition of a stagnantly awful relationship.

Chloe Domont
Chloe Domont

When asked if the female character was a representation of herself, Domont laughs and says she’s asked that all

the time. “Well, yeah. I went through an unhealthy, dysfunctional, back and forth, relationship. I think that parts of it are the worst and ugliest version of myself that has happened in the past and also exaggerated for comedic and dramatic purposes.”

Joyful Girl screened as a part of “Shorts 3:Narrative”

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