Slashed: Interview with director Kira Trinity

There seems no shortage of erotic material for male consumers who like to watch girls make out. But could there be some huge population of women just as interested in the reverse situation? Kira Trinity, a elf-professed fan of “slash” fan fiction, says plenty of women enjoy watching or reading stories about men with other men.

“I abide in being attracted to watching men,” she said, “especially straight-looking men.”

Trinity is in Sarasota with the short film Slashed: Tales of Forbidden Lust, which screened last weekend as part of the Shorts 8: Midnight Shorts line-up.

Slashed: Tales of Forbidden Lust

The entire genre of slash is popular worldwide, and Trinity figures plenty of women here and elsewhere enjoy reading the erotica, which often pairs up characters from popular fiction. For years, women have penned tales about Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, a shipper group that many find highly illogical. Trinity is partial to stories about Sam and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings.

The subject matter for the film actually inspired two short films in this year’s Sarasota Film Festival line-up. Clay Liford’s Slash also played in the Midnight Shorts program. Trinity said whole sections of Japanese manga stores include this work. “It’s actually quite a big thing,” she said.

The 19-minute film Trinity took to festival this year is just a start at exploring the subject of slash. The filmmaker hopes to use this as a launch for an episodic series of YouTube videos online. She would also like to create a comic book to accompany her work.

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