First Comes Love: Interview with director/film subject Nina Davenport

'First Comes Love' director Nina Davenport
‘First Comes Love’ director Nina Davenport

Not everyone would invite cameras into their lives to document every bit of their lives. Nina Davenport, though, had made a career bringing the private moments of her life to film and sharing them with the world. In First Comes Love, she in fact traces both the process of becoming artificially inseminated, give birth to a child, and then raise the baby through the first two years of life.

“Its about as personal as you can get,” she said. “It’s all real.”

The film includes the actual moment when Nina gives birth to son Jasper, and she promises the scene is not the typical sanitized delivery so often depicted in TV and on movies.

But the most compelling parts of the film in fact come from her interactions with friends and loved ones as she embarks on this non-traditional creation of a modern family. Nina gets pregnant with sperm from a gay friend, has to explain the decision to her conservative 81-year-old father and content with questions from all around on whether her method for bringing life into the world is the best route to choose.

But so far, she said audiences have related well to the story. “It’s a film anyone can relate to. What it’s about more than anything is what it means to become a parent and how that changes your view of the world.”

She also hopes the film can shake up preconceptions about what people see as the perfect—or only—way to raise children. “We used to feel like there was one model on how to create a family. People are starting to realize there are a lot of different ways, and that one model maybe isn’t so great, considering 51 percent of the time it doesn’t work out.”

The film already screened once to Sarasota audiences on Monday, April 8, at 7:15pm. It screens again today, April 9, at 5:30pm at the Regal Hollywood 20. And if you can’t see it on the big screen while it is in town, the film will be broadcast on HBO on July 29.

Here more of our interview with Nina Davenport, done in partnership WSRQ, by clicking the audiofile below.

One thought on “First Comes Love: Interview with director/film subject Nina Davenport”

  1. I was flipping the channels.. came across your documentary. OMG.. i was hooked watched it twice.. I laughed and cried through the whole thing, so glad my husband and kids were still asleep (I am sure they think i am a sappy nut anyhow)… Your relationships with your friends, family and of course Jasper. When your mom passed, this hit home. 😦 Watching you give birth, with your friends around you.. I balled through the whole scene. I have three beautiful children. A 20 year old girl, a 13 year old girl and my little son, 7… same marriage, same mom and dad. My first was born when I was 24, then 30 and then 37… I love your interviews with the older women and men. They are so insightful and wise. I work with the elderly and love their stories. Hearing their views of love, relationships, children and life. Love Love Love your stories.

    Tina Marie Wright

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