Carlos Puga and Christopher Abbott on Burma

SRQ got in touch with director Carlos Puga and actor Christopher Abbott to talk about their spotlight film Burma. Premiering this Thursday, at 5:15 p in Theater 10, Burma trails an emotionally exposed family on the eve of a family reunion as their father returns nearly a decade after abandoning his children at their mother’s deathbed.

Chris, how did you become involved in this film?

A: Carlos and I were friends before the film and Carlos had been writing this script and he had brought it to me and asked me if I wanted to be apart of it. I read it and immediately liked it. He had seen one of that play I was in at the time and, using his words not mine, he thought I was really good so it kind of just worked.

What was is like working on set and filming such emotionally charged scenes?

A: Everyone got along extremely well and we had a lot of fun. There is a beauty when you go away to do a film and everyone stays at the same hotel and we’re all there together, to get our scenes done each day and put our work first, the sense of comradely that comes with that just makes it breezy and fun. Even when you are shooting such emotionally charged scenes, everyone is so prepared and ready to go its not as draining or heavy as one might think.

Carlos, who would you say is the ideal audience for this film?

P: With such a strong family dynamic and three generations featured in this film, and the kids represented almost as equals to the adults, I think it is pretty open who can identify with this film. I wouldn’t say bring your kids, but it is a pretty universal film that most could relate to.

Will either of you be attending any events the festival?

A: We will be premiere and the Q+A after

P: Tell us about the events and we’ll go…

A: I’ve heard such great things about Sarasota and I am excited to see the town and attend events, to take it all in.


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