SRQ and WSRQ Join Forces For Festival Coverage

SRQ Media Group and WSRQ this year will join forces for coverage of the Sarasota Film Festival. With help from the radio station, the SRQ Backlot crew this year will present broadcast coverage. Learn details after the jump.

As always, SRQ Backlot will provide all the behind-the-scenes stories and up-to-the-minute updates on the people and events of the Sarasota Film Festival. In addition, we will also conduct a broadcast from the festival which will be broadcast on air at WSRQ during the Nilon Report at 5pm.

SRQ Senior Editor Jacob Ogles sat down with WSRQ Owner Susan Nilon today to hammer out some of the final details. He also recorded this advertisement, which you may have already heard broadcast on 1220AM or 106.9FM on your radio dial.

SRQ Media 30

For the loyal Backlot readers, we will be sharing our recording of the show here, and hope to even put extra radio content that won’t be broadcast to radio listeners. Stay tuned.


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