Launching! SRQ Backlot’s Film Guide

In our never-ending quest to enhance the SRQ Backlot experience, we wanted to draw your attention today to a new feature we have been working on: the SRQ Backlot Film Guide.

It’s simple, really. Take your cursor and simply scroll over the “Films” menu located just below our header image. Here, you can either click on “All Films” to see a list of every film playing at the Sarasota Film Festival this year, or you can click on any feature film or shorts program and get a short description, as provided by the festival.

Why do you, the loyal Backlot reader, need this new feature? While we know many of you will be flipping through the physical guide provided by the festival or checking out SFF’s official webpage, we suspect our readers would like the convenience of having that info here as well. Our listing of films has been an extremely popular post on Backlot since we launched two years ago, and this provides you just a little more info.

But we also want to encourage feedback on the films. Perhaps some of you have already seen one of the films screening this year. Tell us about it. The Sarasota Film Festival ticket-buying audience wants to know what films best suit their taste, and feedback from our users can be a useful tool for that. So please, don’t just check on these movie summaries, tell us what you think of the films. Almost every film screens two times or more, so if you attend the first screening, come back here and tell us what your experience was like.

We want SRQ Backlot to serve not only as your primary source of information on the festival but as a community where cinephiles can talk about film. We hope this new feature provides for that. Enjoy.


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