Wildlife Corridor Film Added to SFF Line-Up

Environmentalists should be excited by this news. The Sarasota Film Festival today added a new documentary to its line-up: FLORIDA WILDLIFE CORRIDOR EXPEDITION. Click through to the trailer:


The film, made by Elam Stoltzfas, follows his team as they conduct a 1,000-mile hike (a truly insane, don’t-try-this-at-home type hike) down the Florida Wildlife Corridor, which extends pretty much the length of the state from north to south. Of course, the message of the film is on the need to protect the corridor and Florida’s natural habitats from encroachment and man-made destruction. It will screen Thursday, April 11, at noon and Friday, April 12, at 1pm.

The path of the expedition is below, but seeing the film will show you much more of what’s at stake than any map. And based on the trailer, they get some pretty heavy hitters, including Obama Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, to help drill the message in with viewers.


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