Getting a Boost

Sex, drugs and a difficult conversation about the consequences of steroid abuse. Yes, the filmmakers behind <i>Boost</i> work to cover a lot of ground in roughly 11 minutes of screen time. But the short film, shot entirely in Sarasota, handles the topics with enough precision that it has earned a coveted spot in this year’s Sarasota Film Festival line-up.

The short, which screens in the Shorts 7: SRQ Shorts program this year, was directed by K.T. Curran and will make its debut at the festival. The director said she wanted to tackle a growing epidemic that is not often discussed among the societal side effects of steroid abuse. “It discussed the sexual assault happening on college campuses and what pushes that to happen,” Curran said.

The film follows the character of Jake, a college athlete as anxious to win groupies as championships. The abuse of drugs in the sports arena continues into his personal and party life. In all instances, he looks for a boost from chemicals. The film explores the consequences.

We caught up with Curran and producer Brad Bryan at the unveiling of the festival line-up. The filmmaking team is excited to screen the short to Sarasota audiences. “It was all shot locally,” Bryan boasted. So expect some familiar backgrounds.

Source Productions has released this trailer to give a taste of the film. To see the rest, check out the SRQ Shorts program on April 6 at 11:30am or April 10 at 9pm.

2 thoughts on “Getting a Boost”

  1. Thanks so much for the write up, SRQ Backlot! All of us at SOURCE PRODUCTIONS are so pleased that BOOST will have its World Premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival.

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