Virtual Offerman

Attending different screenings of Somebody Up There Likes Me meant talk with different stars for viewers who stuck around for Q&A after the film. And while it was no surprise to see female lead Jess Weixler after the Sunday April 22 screening, nobody expected a conversation with Nick Offerman, the top-line star of the film who is best known as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation.

No, Offerman wasn’t at the festival in person. Rather, he happened to call up director Bob Byington on a fluke while the director was at the Saturday April 21 screening. “He was asking where the good barbeque places were in Austin,” explained Byington.

The happenstance meant Offerman was unexpectedly available for Q&A, where fans asked about the nature of the dry and sometimes ridiculous dialogue. That in turn led to ribbing between Byington and Offerman about who bore responsibility for the humor in the film.

“I think Bob does a good job of writing things that will sound funny if I speak them,” explained Offerman. “I try to speak them honestly, and sometimes he giggles.”


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