That Other Arcadia

No, the film Arcadia isn’t about the rodeo or anything else connected to the Florida community down the road from us. It is about a road trip to Arcadia, California. “We get the question a lot down here,” jokes director Olivia Silver.

We spoke with Silver the other day at the Filmmaker’s Lounge just before the film, which is in the festival’s Narrative competition this year, screened to a Sarasota audience. The film plays again today at 1:30pm.

Silver said the tale if a coming-of-age story for a 12-year-old who realizes who family is splitting apart. “The story is about a 12-year-old girl moving from the East Coast to the West Coast with her father. Basically, her mother is not there, and her father keeps telling them the mother will join them at other side of road trip and she is starting to suspect that is not true.”

The film is based on a real event in Silver’s life when she took a similar road trip from Connecticut to California unaware at first that the family was falling apart. But the film isn’t simply her own tale put in frame.

“I didn’t what it to be purely naval gazing or all autobiographical,” she said. “I reached out to other people and wanted others to connect to it.”

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