Missed Connections takes home the Audience Award for Best Narrative Film

Before the screening of Under African Skies kicked off, the festival announced the recipients of the Audience Awards that are given to the winning films of various categories that the audience votes as their favorite.  I was sitting across the aisle from Martin Snyder, who directed Missed Connections, when he and his acting entourage exploded in jubilant surprise at the announcement of winning Best Narrative Film.  Him being in joyous spirits and me in close proximity allowed a raw take on his reaction to the accolade:

It was incredibly surprising to win the award here in Sarasota, and everybody has just been so gracious. The responses we’ve had in the theater after the film has been great, and this is such a fantastic way for us to launch our film.  It was the first time we actually showed it to the public so getting this is incredibly rewarding.

Talk to me about that moment when you were announced as the winner

I was so suprised I jumped up.  We all have been playing pranks on one another since this whole project started so I thought they knew, I didnt know, but of course, it was a surprise for all of us, just really exciting.

Whats the next step?

Next step is to get it in front of as many people as possible, share the love, and let people enjoy this movie.

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