Kinderblock 66

As the child of a survivor, Steven Moskovic is very aware of the number of documentaries that exist on the Holocaust, so as executive producer of Kinderblock 66: Return to Buchenwald, he was determined the film would be different. We spoke to him about his film, which had its US premiere on Friday.

Why did you what this story to be told on film?

It’s an extremely important story and it tells the story of people who aren’t going to be around much longer to tell the story themselves. This film can carry on their story. It’s personally important to me because my father was one of the boys in this barrack. But if I wasn’t this close to story, I still feel it’s an important story to be told.

How did you want to separate this from other films on the same subject matter?

The Holocaust is a story most people know about, but we try to tell the story in a different way. We’re not trying to shock anybody or show anybody horrible images. We’re talking more about people’s emotions who went through it. It’s not a happy story, of course, but there are moments of happiness, and at the end, you see that what ended up happening to the four gentleman is a triumph over evil. It’s extremely important and it’s important for generations to come to look at this and try and prevent racism and hatred everywhere in the world.

Stylistically, what did you do to make this film feel like a different type of movie?

The director Rob Cohen and myself, the biggest thing we did was we gave each of our survivors Flip cameras to do interviews themselves. We interviewed them ourselves extensively, but it is very different with the lights and sound-guy and the whole set up. They were very open and we gained their trust very easily. They knew we were doing the right thing with the film, but we got such different material when they were alone in their homes after we left. And we mix it that way in our film. You tell the difference between the two types of interviews and we go back and forth.

This film screens again Sunday, April 22, at 12:30pm.

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