Final Day

A red carpet will be rolled out for the stars and producers of The Day, with professional wrestlers Kelly Kelly and Rey Mysterio of WWE Studios expected to attend, along with director Douglas Aarniokoski and actress Ashley Bell. Of course, marquis star Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) was already in town for the screening last night. We caught up with him at Cinema Tropicale to hear what he thought of Sarasota audience reactions.

“They seemed to really like it,” he said. “It’s hard to work out an audience, but I think a good way to work it out is how many try to escape for the Q&A and about 80 percent stayed for the Q&A. Everyone was asking some pretty good questions. And it’s not the most audience-friendly version of the film ever. It’s bleak; there is not a lot of color. But I think it says something significant and people seemed to receive it quite well.”

We also talked about the way the film, which follows a band of survivors in a post-apolyptic world, deal with the base human instincts of themselves and others. Monaghan’s character Rick rises as the leader of the group as they venture into the world. But what would Monaghan do in the event of a crazy civilization-crushing catastrophe. “I would hide,” he says.

The reasons for the collapse of society are left untold in this film, which Monaghan said leaves room for a prequel. If you want to see that happen, though, first you have to come out as an audience and support The Day.

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