See Girl Run

High school sweethearts Emmie [Robin Tunney] and Jason [Adam Scott] technically never broke up… even though Emmie is now married to Graham [Josh Hamilton] and Jason lives hours away and is dating a waitress. Still, even as life leads them away from each other, the “what ifs” are a constant pull back to what they both perceive as the good old days.

Written and directed by Nate Meyer, See Girl Run also stars Jeremy Strong as Emmie’s alcoholic brother Brandon who, while spending a lot of the movie crying, is still clearheaded enough to try and make Emmie see that sometimes what you have is more valuable that what might have been.

Strong will look familiar to those who saw the opening night film Robot and Frank; he played the annoying yuppie neighbor. Emmie’s grandmother in See Girl Run was played by Marylouise Burke, another actor that can be seen in a second SFF screening: Burke played the sex-crazed mother-in-law in the short High Maintenance, part of the Shorts 9 series. (You’ve missed your chance with Robot and Frank, but a second screening of the Shorts 9 series will be held on April 22 at 11:45am, and High Maintenance by Shawn Wines is a hilarious must-see.)

See Girl Run screens on April 22 at 1:30pm.

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