Miller accepts Career Tribute Award

“I feel a deep connection to this festival,” said Penelope Ann Miller as she accepted this year’s Career Tribute Award.

Miller attended the festival during its inaugural year 14 years ago when only eight films were playing here. Then SFF board member Mark Famiglio then hosted her at a small party as his home. Today, though, was a much bigger celebration at the Sarasota Yacht Club, with Famiglio, now SFF president, handed her the award at a podium.

A film reel showcased Miller’s work from Adventures in Babysitting on, that film winning particular gushing from Famiglio’s wife Jennie.

Thelma Adams, a critic for AMC, introduced Miller to loud applause, saying Miller’s career stood out because of her commitment to complex characters and extraordinary stories. “Penelope taught us that people come to see good movies, quality movies, movies that touch us,” Adams said.

Miller was just grateful people were following her career and presenting such an honor. “I am so thrilled you get to experience this and take this journey with us,” she said.


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