Living Forever

When filmmaker Avi Zen Weider experienced the birth of his triplets, he realized something incredible. “They might live forever,” he says.

Producer/Director Avi Zen Weider
Photo by Evan Sigmund

Weider, who is at SFF with a film about the impacts of technology on society called Welcome To The Machine, has found the culmination decades of technological advancement could mean children born now will live in a very different reality, and in fact may not actually be affected by natural lifespans. The exponential rate of technological acceleration means about 200 years worth of innovation could happen in the near future, for better or worse.

That word worse is striking. Doesn’t a father want his children to live long lives? Of course, but that is what makes the subject matter so confounding.

“There is both promise and peril with new technology,” he says.

Welcome to the Machine screens again on Saturday at 2:30pm.


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