Leave Me Like You Found Me

Adele Romanski goes about creating films in an admittedly unorthodox way, she admits. When she went camping with her father in the Sequoia National Forest last year, she looked around the woods and said she needed to set a love story there. Hence, Leave Me Like You Found Me was born.

Director Adele Romanski
Photo by Evan Sigmund

The film is about a broken-up couple who decides to give their relationship another go by going camping. It is based as much on relationships of friends around her as it is on past heartbreak.

“A have seen friends who get stuck in this cyclical thing,” she says. “You can see they are in true love, but it’s horrible. They cannot work together and coexist.”

Her film screens this Friday at 6:15pm, then again on Sunday at 7pm.

Of course, this area is a familiar place to take a movie. Not only is it Romanski’s third visit to the Sarasota Film Festival, but she grew up just down the road in Venice. She lives and makes films now in California but said she is excited to see growth in the film industry locally. When she hears the local film commission is trying to become the next Shreveport, Louisiana, she offers words of support.

“I would love that,” she says. “I want to come and make a film here, and to hear that goal makes me feel good.”

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