BEAR-ly Time to See Enough!

It’s been a busy five-days-plus since the 2012 Sarasota Film Festival started rolling out the films, and there are so many superb ones to see I haven’t been able to cram them all in.  One of my favorites so far was Teddy Bear, which unfortunately only had two quick-and-over screenings.  One of the co-stars in the film, David Winters, has been to Sarasota to extensively scout locations with our film commission for his upcoming indie East Side Story, which he hopes to bring here to shoot this summer.  We covered dozens of site visits and areas while on a one-day uber-condensed scouting mission together.

But back to Teddy Bear—it was touching, funny, poignant, sad and happy, with outstanding character portrayals as the audience saw the gentle giant of a bodybuilder, Dennis, try to squeeze out from under his diminutive mother’s thumb, as he sought a life on his own.  As the song says, he did of bit of “looking for love in all the wrong places,” but his depth of integrity led him where he needed to go.  A lovely piece indeed.


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