Rhythm of Structure: Bowery and Beyond Explores the Relationship Between Math and Art

Sarasota artist John Sims’ compelling documentary Rhythm of Structure: Bowery and Beyond addresses the relationship between math and art. Over the past ten years, Sims has been developing a method, inspired by mathematics, for artists to create and respond to one another’s works. The result is a marriage between what normally seem to be two disparate fields. Sims says: “There’s a very interesting relationship between mathematics and art, particularly how mathematic language can be used to express the art/expressive dynamic. In this particular group of shows, as illustrated in the film, you see a wide range of mathematics being used, adopted, subverted to create an artistic strategy. Essentially we are trying to think about the relationship, collaboration, tension between the creative process and the analytical process. Creativity is really about building and making connections and analysis is about distillation and isolation and taking things out of context to study in an abstract environment.”

Rhythm of Structure: Bowery and Beyond will be showing tonight, Wednesday April 18, 7:30 PM and Sunday April 22, 3:30 pm at Hollywood 20.On Thursday, April 19 from 6-8pm at Café Palm there will be an exhibition, The Square Root of Love,  in conjunction with the film. The event will feature an art installation from John Sims and Karen Finley and a musical response from Greg Tate. This is an event Sarasota art lovers will not want to miss. Admission is free to the public.


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