In Our Nature

Last night I watched a screener of In our Nature, written and directed by Brian Savelson. The film is set in the Catskills, so if the gorgeous scenery isn’t enough to lure you to the theater, perhaps the cast itself will entice you: Zach Gilford (the cute football player from TV’s Friday Night Lights), the ever-talented Jena Malone, gorgeous Gabrielle Union and my favorite mad man, John Slattery.

The film explores the strained father-son relationship of Gil and Seth (played by Slattery and Gilford) after a scheduling mistake finds them both at the family cabin on the same weekend, their respective girlfriends in tow. Andie (Jena Malone) and Vicky (Gabrielle Union) each do their best to broker a peace, but any brief moments of harmony are hard won. It’s a romantic weekend gone wrong, complete with the opposite personalities of a psychiatrist, musician, nonprofit worker and lawyer, a heaping dose of passive aggressiveness, lots of unresolved issues and a little marijuana thrown in for good measure.

Screenings will be held on Friday, April 20, at 8pm and Saturday, April 21, at 1:45pm. Word on the street is that Jena Malone and Brian Savelson will be at the screenings and available for a Q&A after the film.

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