Girl Model

Directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, Girl Model is a raw look at the realities of today’s modeling business. The documentary was shown today, April 18, at 4:15pm. A second screening is set for tomorrow at 6:30pm.

The film follows Ashley, a former American model who earns a living traveling through rural Siberia scouting for fresh-faced young girls to present to her modeling agency. With a seasoned eye from years of harsh scrutiny, Ashley discovers Nadya Vall, a 13-year-old, and in a whirlwind of hope and excitement for Nadya and her destitute family, Nadya is sent by the agency to Tokyo to model under contract.

Bringing little money and no language skills or experience, Nadya suffers in the shadows of a modeling world that is not what she expected. Only one of the many young girls Ashley has sent—and will continue to send—into the adult world of modeling, Nadya is only a single exemplar of the bleak lives many aspiring models lead in the hopes of a better future in a cycle that brings fortune to corrupt modeling companies and exploits the beauty and naivete of hopefuls in the process.

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