Volcano Dances

Nadja Merino

When we spoke with Gary Merz, he was hoping a third screening of Dancing On A Volcano would make it onto the schedule for the Sarasota Film Festival before end’s week. Good news for those interested in the film, tickets are now available for a screening this Sunday at 11:15am.

That means more chances for people to learn the story of Nadja Merino, an Austrian Jew forced to change her name and flee her nation in 1939. Along the way, she fell into a romance with Chilean consul general Armando Marine while trying to obtain visas for her family, a romance that led Armando to liberate hundreds of Jews. Nadja later developed an amazing reputation as as an illustrator for the New York Times.

Director Gary Merz was inspired to make the film after meeting Nadja. As she told her story, she promised Merz, “this story would change your life.”

“In doing so, it changed her life as well,” Merz says.

The film held its world premiere here on Sunday and a second screening is happening today at 3:30pm. Lucky you if you have tickets. Only the third show still has available seating.

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