For Festivals Only

One of the constant visitors to the Sarasota Film Festival the past several years has been producer/director/actress Ingrid Veninger, who has attended with films like Only, has won awards here for such films as Nurse.Fighter.Boy, and even held test screenings for her film Modra at this festival a few years ago. Clearly, she loves the festival scene.

So perhaps it is no surprise that she is touring the festival circuit this year with I Am A Good Person/I Am A Bad Person, a movie about a filmmaker traveling the European festival circuit herself. She revels in the meta experience of taking a film about festivals to show at film festivals, so much so that she says that is the only way anyone ever will see this film.

“This film is not for sale, and I love that I can do that because I paid for it,” she says.

As she rushed Tuesday from the Filmmaker’s Lounge to a 5pm screening of her show, she explained that her experiences at events like the one in Sarasota inspired her to make the film. But unlike Ruby White, the filmmaker she plays in the movie, she has made her cinema-related trips around the globe an affair that strengthened her family. While Ruby leaves her husband and son for the film life, Veninger is in town right now with her son Jacob Switzer, who also appears in the movie. Her daughter Hallie, who attended SFF a couple years ago when Veninger test-screened Modra here, play’s Ruby’s daughter and tours Europe with her fictitious mother.

As you might guess, this film was captured on camera while Veninger was traveling the European film circuit in support of a prior picture.

Got that? Good. The next and final screening of I Am A Good Person/I Am A Bad Person at SFF is Friday at 7:30pm.

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