Lori Bowen on Justus

I got a chance to chat with Lori Bowen at the Opening Night event this past Friday. She’s in town presenting Justus, a short film that she wrote, directed and produced. It’s her first time having a film at SFF, and this is the twelfth film festival at which Justus has been shown.

Bowen, who filmed Justus around the time that the Casey Anthony trial was making headlines, describes the film as the “story about a woman who captures the man who’s responsible for the rape and murder of her sister and 11 other women and was released on a technicality.”

Bowen says you won’t actually see what the woman does to her sister’s murderer on screen because the film is more about what her revenge does to her. “Everybody loves a good revenge story,” says Bowen, “but nobody really thinks about what happens after, what happens to your soul and your morals.”

You can find out what happens at one of two upcoming screenings of Justus (part of the Shorts 9: SRQ/FLA series) at 1:30pm on April 19 and at 11:45am on April 22. 


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