Director Peter Sanders on Altina

“I think Sarasota is fantastic,” says director Peter Sanders. “All of the culture, all the art…everything that is in New York City is in a smaller scale here: the open mindedness, the intellectual curiosity, the positive feeling that art does matter.”

The New Yorker is in town to promote the world premiere of his documentary film Altina, which tells the story of Altina Schinasi: tobacco heiress, artist, inventor of the Harlequin Glasses, Academy Award winner, friend to Salvador Dali, George Grosz and Martin Luther King, and what Sanders calls “the first reality TV cougar.” She also happens to be Sanders’ grandmother. “She was in a class of her own, a very generous person,” says Sanders. “This is my gift to her.”

Sanders created Altina using family archives and interviews. He comes from a family of seven Academy Award winners, proving creativity must be genetic. “Without art and without creation you just have numbers and facts, and you can’t live on that,” he says.

Altina screens today at 2:45pm and tomorrow at 5:45pm. Check out the trailer here: 


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