Sutherland On The Roster

When SRQ got notice on who would be on the red carpet at Opening Night, it was a treat to see another actor on the roster of stars this year. Kristine Sutherland (Legal Eagles, Honey I Shrunk The Kids) is on the list of those in attendance for the Friday event.

Kristine Sutherland

Beyond that, we also have a band of producers for Robot and Frank, the film which opens up the 10-day festival. The list includes Lance Acord, Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Sam Bisbee and Galt Niederhoffer.

Sam Bisbee jumps out at me because he wrote the music for and executive produced Don’t Go In The Woods, one of my favorite films in the 2010 festival. Unsurprisingly, Jackie Kelman Bisbee has co-produced films with Sam in the past. Acord was the cinematographer on such films as Where The Wild Things Are and was director of photography on Marie Antoinette.  Neiderhoffer produced such indie treasures as The Kids Are All Right and Prozac Nation.

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