Corcoran, Hoffmann Blogging Here

SRQ Backlot is proud to announce that we will have special guest bloggers contributing to our coverage of the Sarasota Film Festival this year. Jeanne Corcoran and Dayle Hoffmann will offer their insights into the festival here. Check back regularly to see what they have to say.

Jeanne Corcoran

Jeanne Corcoran is the director of the Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Office, and before that served as Film Commissioner for the Nevada Film Office. She has been the local film commissioner since 2007, but happens to be a native of Sarasota. She is no stranger to the festival, and for years has been promoting local filmmakers to industry insiders.

Dayle Hoffman

Dayle Hoffmann is the founder of the Creative Minds Soiree events in Sarasota and a filmmaker herself with Dream Inspired Entertainment. She is attached to two films at this year’s festival and has been lobbying for a stronger presence for local filmmakers.

Welcome aboard!

2 thoughts on “Corcoran, Hoffmann Blogging Here”

  1. Thank you Jacob and SRQ Magazine for the invitation to blog with you, I’m honored. I’m very excited about the film festival this year. There are a plethora of events and films on my Sarasota Film Festival Bucket List. I’ll share those with you in my blog. To fully experience the festival it’s going to take patience, planning and lots of vitamin c.

  2. Not only are the photos aobulstely AMAZING, it was great working with you! We can not THANK YOU enough and are looking forward to you photographing our wedding!

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