Up In The Sky, It’s A Wallenda

What does a party celebrating Sarasota’s rich history of live entertainment truly need? A Flying Wallenda, of course! The Sarasota Film Festival just announced that Tino Wallenda will give us just that at the Cinema Tropicale event on April 20.

For those who know little of Sarasota’s rich circus history, the Wallenda clan is a family of daredevils who have put their lives at risk in the name of circus entertainment for more than 200 years. They live and train here in Sarasota, where Nik Wallenda in 2009 performed a headline-grabbing wire-walk downtown. But the family has seen its share of tragedy as well, including the paralysis of Mario Wallenda in 1962 and the death of patriarch Karl Wallenda during a skywalk in Puerto Rico in 1978.

The family is also the subject of the new film The Show Must Go On, which screens at the Sarasota Opera House on April 20 at 5:30pm.

Tino will take to the ropes at the Sarasota Yacht Club later that night at Cinema Tropicale in celebration of the film.

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