Kelly Kelly, Rey Mysterio Ringside for The Day

One of the more interesting factoid about The Day‘s coming screenings is the owner of the flick. WWE Studios picked up the film in Toronto (yes, that WWE), not because it has a single thing to do with wrestling but because the company figured its audiences would like to watch the post-apocoliptic thriller.

Conversely, one might guess that people who like to watch a machete-wielding Ashley Bell traverse the countryside might also like professional wrestling. If so, then local audiences should be excited to hear that WWE Superstars Kelly Kelly and Rey Mysterio will attend the April 21 screening of the movie at the Sarasota Film Festival.

Also at the screening will be actors Bell and Dominic Monaghan (who spoke to us yesterday) and director Douglas Aarniokoski. It is anyone’s guess where that conversation is going to go, but we want ringside seats.

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