The Right to Film

As someone who has interviewed countless documentarians at past Sarasota Film Festivals, I can attest the stories of the filmmakers themselves can be intriguing tales, but while we do a great deal of writing on that, few documentaries are made about the challenges filmmakers endure and the sacrifices they make for their art.

That is why I am so anxious to watch Big Boys Gone Bananas!, a film by and about Fredrik Gertten. The film chronicles Gertten’s battles with the Dole Food Company, the subject of his past documentary Bananas! That expose upset Dole execs so much they threatened legal action against Gertten. That may have been a slip-up, though, as it just fueled another film.

But why I am blogging about this now? Let me share some news that is very exciting to me personally. I will be moderating an installment of The Film Lovers Forum which will focus on this documentary. Gertten will be there as well to answer all the questions moviegoers may have.

Big Boys Gone Bananas! will screen at the Hollywood 20 on April 19 at 2:30pm and April 20 at 3:30pm, with each screening followed by a short Q&A. The Forum event, moderated by Jacob Ogles (that’s me!), will take place April 20 at 5:30pm at the Applebee’s next to the theater.

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