Richard’s Wedding

I think writer/director Onur Tukel and I must have a lot in common, or at least a similar group of friends, because watching his movie, Richard’s Wedding, felt a lot like sitting down with my friends and listening to one of their asinine conversations (except we don’t know any crystal meth addicts… at least that I know of… and the actors in the film are funnier).

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not a film critic, so I’ll keep any “review” to myself and simply share one of my ever-astute film synopses:

A more correct title may have been The Longest Walk to Richard’s Wedding, because the first third of the movie follows Tuna (starring triple-threat Onur Tukel) and Alex (Jennifer Prediger) as they make their way to friend Russell’s (Darrill Rosen) apartment. There’s lots of witty banter on the walk, so you don’t really mind that they aren’t moving as fast as they could be. Upon (finally) arriving, drinks are poured. Other friends arrive. More witty banter ensues. Richard (Lawrence Michael Levine) arrives. The gang eventually heads to the park for the nuptials… which may or may not occur.

There’s a lot of great repartee throughout the film, and since I don’t have a link for the trailer, I thought I’d share a few highlights:

“Is your dad really an alcoholic?”    “Yeah.”    “How’d I not know this?”    “It’s not the kind of thing I tweet about.”

“Hitler was a Christian fundamentalist? I didn’t know that. I’m going to use that against all my Christian friends.”

“Why do you need God when you have me?”

“I may be an a**hole for a lot of reasons, but not because I left a little old lady bleeding on the sidewalk.”

Funny, right? Slightly disturbing and politically incorrect, but funny. (Just like my friends!) Richard’s Wedding will have its world premiere at SFF, and if Onur Tukel shows up you can bet I’m going to have a chat with him. Or maybe a cocktail.

Screenings will be held on April 20 at 8:15pm, April 21 at 5pm and April 22 at 5:45pm. What the heck are you waiting for? Get tickets.

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