Return Of Jena Malone

News of Jena Malone’s return to the Sarasota Film Festival to me was exciting in large part because she was one of the subjects for the first major SFF interview I did for SRQ back in 2009. I still recall her cooperation with our photography team on Opening Night when her film The Messenger served as a tentpole for the event. The next morning, she was up early and at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club to sit down, along with co-stars Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster, for an interview with yours truly. At the time, Foster called her “one of finest actors we have working today” and spoke highly of her dedication.

Jane Malone in Sarasota in 2009 (courtesy Sarasota Film Festival)

Here are a few excerpts of what she told SRQ then:

Malone (on acting): When it is such an ensemble, that everyone’s still in the same film, you know, breathing the same breath and feeding the same part. That’s the script and that’s (director) Oren (Moverman), and that’s also just the love and the passion for the project, you know, that we can all draw and attract the same visible type of energy.

Malone (on attending screenings): I love when the audience gets feisty, like full gasps and loud sighs. I think it’s great.

Malone (on the Sarasota Film Festival): I think the great thing about film festivals is that they grow out of a city. That’s the stamp. That’s the whole image. So to have a film festival in this beautiful place, it is really an experience. I don’t know. The smaller the better. We’re closer to the truer intention right? I mean, the larger it gets, the more inflatable it has to become… I’m just saying it is nice we can all still take our shoes off here.

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