Town Hall Photos

The town hall pulled a respectable turnout this evening at Selby Public Library, filling up the library auditorium. Tom Hall led the Q&A, answering questions primarily regarding the community’s expectations for this year’s film festival. Here are just a few photos from tonight’s event, including Tom Hall, Veronica Pastore, as well as Sarasota Film Festival President, Mark Famiglio, who was there observing the town hall from the back of the auditorium–though couldn’t resist jumping into the discussions once in a while.

One thought on “Town Hall Photos”

  1. “Town Hall” meetings are a great and innovative forum, showing the SFF’s desire to keep the lines of communication and input to and from the community open! Our film commission continues to be an active supporter as always (although we had to miss the Town Hall due to a scheduling conflict, much to our chagrin!). With its uninterrupted sponsorship for the last five years, again in 2012, the film commission is as always at the disposal of the festival to be of help in any way they can put us to good use.

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