Gearing up for SFF 2012!!!

Hard to believe, but things are moving already on the happenings of the Sarasota Film Festival in 2012. On Wednesday, festival organizers will unveil the new logo for the event during a special event at Half Shell Oyster House. The new logo was designed by celebrated artist Vince Fraser. Make sure to check the SRQ Mag Backlot sometime after 5:30pm to get the first look at the new design.

SFF Director Tom Hall also informs us the marketing strategy will be discussed at the event, and the redesigned Sarasota Film Festival website will also be launched.

Organizers have not decided yet all of the films which will be included in the event this year, but they are on the prowl. “The last couple of years, the opening film has come out of Sundance,” he notes. That famous festival is scheduled this year from Jan. 19 to Jan. 29, and Hall is looking forward anxiously to that event.

And of course, loyal SRQ readers can trust the SRQ Mag Backlot once again to provide thorough, stunning coverage of the event as it happens, not to mention the best post-festival coverage of the event in the pages of SRQ Magazine. Bookmark those pages and brace yourself for this whirlwind festival’s return to the Suncoast.

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