Priceless Plummer

Not to harp too long, but what an outstanding speech tonight by Christopher Plummer. We alluded to his gracious praise for the community of Sarasota earlier, but I wanted to share some more of his words, uttered with the sort of Shakespearean elegance only the star of Hamlet at Elsinore could harness.

“This is my first time in Sarasota. I have never been here before. But if this is the sort of welcome you give to strangers, I am coming here a lot…

“There is something wonderful about flattery. As I grow older by the second, I realize what an essential ingredient flattery is as a life-sustaining force. It’s absolutely indispensable. It has no strings, no poison attached to it. It is highly medicinal with a wonderful aftertaste. Flattery is the preferred drug, there is no doubt about it.

“So if you are ever faced with flattery, relax, close your eyes and take it like a man. I think I have managed to do that.”

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