Saturday’s Target: San Francisco

The Target Video guys are closing out their Sarasota Film Festival presentation’s with a collection of work from the town where their outfit was formed: San Francisco. Being a locale so central to punk music and to where the meeting of minds for Jill Hoffman-Kowal, Joe Reese and Jackie Sharp was forged, expect blowout musical performances and behind-the-scenes footage.

Hoffman-Kowal is especially partial to footage of Crime playing San Quentin. The band showed up to perform in police uniforms and rocked the big house with a set dripping in attitude and irony. “It was amazing,” Hoffman-Kowal recalls.


Other great moments include a performance by The Mutants at the School for the Deaf in San Francisco, where the audience started lip syncing the words by the end of the show as the high-power music reverberated through the crowd.

Rees also notes a powerful performance by The Cramps, a San Francisco punk outfit, as they performed at the Napa State Mental Hospital. Other bands like the Dead Kennedys, KGB and Code of Honor also make appearances.

The Cramps

If you aren’t up on the exciting presence of Target Video at the Festival, read our early coverage here. Read about their LA footage and their work in New York and Europe, and see pics of the Target video producers here.

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